Tips for buying online with a minimum security

Buy online should not present a danger to anyone, provided they attend special details, depending on where we buy, of course. Not the same purchase on Amazon, eBay. Then I leave some tips and personal experiences in 2 of the most popular platforms, eBay and Amazon, as well as details to consider on these platforms.


Card payment is one of the safest shops.  Just complaints about the platform are not heard, yes on the merchants, but more specifically on agencies of transport used for shipments. I have an account on Amazon for several years, and I bought some other things, but I have too much personal experience. What if it matches the rest of ratings that makes the public about the store, it is my impression of his mathematical control shipments.  One of the few times I bought, told me that the package would arrive in four days. He arrived in 3. Of course, what could be seen as positivism, it became a problem? In three days there was no one at home and could not make the delivery. Here the problems started: call the agency calls again, schedule a time certain delivery, which do not comply, etc And I had to be received in 4 days, it was not made until day 8. It is an isolated case I know, but it’s my case.

You have to know one thing about Amazon: it is not an online store. It is a sales platform where shops display their products, and in addition to those stores, Amazon also sells. Buy “to” Amazon is a sure thing; buy “in” Amazon cannot be both. We need to look at who is the seller of the product, and if not Amazon, the reviews you have, especially the negative ones, which are the most explanatory.

In addition to the seller, as we find the item you want to buy, we have to look at the ratings and comments you have the product to see if it fits sold reality. You have to watch the item is new or second hand (yes, Amazon used items are sold), you have to cover the costs of shipping (maybe an article is very cheap seller X, but shipping costs, you end up paying more than if you will buy the seller and – if there is a tie, customer ratings should be what our balance bend).

Payments will only be made by linking a credit card or debit card with your Amazon account. You also have the option to purchase “cards” Amazon with the amount you want (in some department stores have them on sale).



Whenever you find something you’re interested in eBay you have to look seller ratings first. If the% customer satisfaction is less than 98%, something happens. Check the negative evaluations have and check what has motivated. There are many things beyond the possibilities of the seller. It is broken: it may have been in transportation, the seller is not to blame. It has not reached: it is very likely that if sent by mail, has been in the Limbo of the shopping carts that used in offices to move packages. It is very rare that a vendor with high satisfaction% of the play not sending a package. If you come from Europe / USA, it has an average of 10.05 days from shipment until you receive. If you come from Asia, it has an average of three weeks from shipping.

What you bought does not look anything or photo or item description: here the blame can only be the seller; that was mistaken when packing or you have not properly described the advertised item.  This is very subjective everyone will find useful information either. If you never got the article, as indicated by our French friend, make a complaint to PayPal (if you have paid this way), it is solved. It is the fault of the seller? It may or it may not I said, is very subjective. Analyzes and decides. Let’s see how to act if what we receive does not meet somehow, our expectations. If you paid by PayPal, and what you get is not what it should be, it is faulty or the like, return it (check the seller’s return policy) and claim a full refund PayPal cart. Please note that shipping charges are on your own. If you pay by bank transfer or on delivery it is more complicated: Transfer: If you claim depends on the seller accept or reject the claim and return or not what you paid. The myth of “I’d rather pay well, because I assure you sent me the package” False, with this you make sure that you receive a “package”, you cannot be open until you pay at the post office. And if you bought has nothing to do with what you have received, you cannot yell at anyone anything the Post do not know what you bought or cares about your life (usually these people not interested or your life). Anyway, have you bought or not, the most important part is the vote of the article.



Casts positive: it means that everything went smoothly and has received what you bought. Or, it was not what you bought / broken / etc, but good communication with the seller and the refund deserve a positive vote. Vote: we vote and when the seller passes our claims and has voluntarily or forcibly give back the money (claim to PayPal), deserves to be known. Usually the seller will try to change the vote, which is not a change, if not a “cancellation of the sale,” as if it never existed. It is your decision to accept this cancellation. Votes positive or negative, with the stars we mark our satisfaction rate with the speed in shipping, communication with the seller, accuracy of description, etc. Although sellers ALWAYS ask you 5 stars, do not do it, be consistent: if they tell you receive 3 days and have it in 4 are not 5 stars. If what you buy is red, and comes garnet “because the camera took well”, they are not 5 star. If the seller has not communicated with you at any time are not 5 stars.



The margin of the vote and the stars, we have a text field in which we can describe very briefly the experience. Here it is where we can reach out so that other buyers know the seriousness of the seller. Be positive or negative, indicating what happened: “Fast shipping, reliable seller” is very useful information. “The article is not nothing resembled the description and the seller does not want to charge” is even more useful information.



I have much experience buying on eBay, and very few times I have had problems. The biggest problem has been that China buying package has not arrived. I complained and returned the amount without any problem. I voted several times negatively, although I would have returned the money, because the seller does not want to take care of the problems, half-information, etc. I always buy items that can be paid by PayPal, the security offered me the claim amount, and I always check the low ratings the seller. If you do like me, you should have no problem and you can buy safely. I hope these tips will help you better buy on Amazon, eBay and the Internet in general. Luck!

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