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Ebay shopping: The advantages of online shopping



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Online purchases have monopolized much of the market product sales in the United States and Eurasia, especially enthrall young people. A recent study by the agency worldwide evidence that 45% of users between 18 and 35 spend at least one hour a day to visitonline stores and sales-related sites.

Advantages of internet shopping


  1. Purchase safely


Use trusted web pages. In addition, you can also search the location of some company data such as name, address, home address and contact details.


  1. Get exclusive discounts in online stores


To promote sales through the network, many brands and stores offer discounts, such as exemption from VAT on final product prices.


  1. Internet offers a wider range of products


While in the face purchases only you can buy the products found in the store, shop online has a greater range of options and prices. Just know to look.


  1. You can compare products without leaving your home


On the Internet you can see all varieties and compare products and services to ensure you get the best at the best price.


  1. The delivery of online products is better


When buying online the seller guarantees that the product arrives at your home in good condition, as profitability is closely related to the reputation of users. The international study of DDB Worldwide shows a clear preference for young people in the online purchase of electronic devices (38%) and cosmetics and personal care (23%). Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing these products and more, take advantage of discounts offered by the store.


Advantages and disadvantages of buying on eBay



The portal is a site eBay to buy and sell over the Internet, ie online form. It’s like OLX, except that these two are used mostly in Latin America. Instead, eBay to be US-based is used in English-speaking countries. That is to say that from 2002 the company, also American, PayPal became part owners eBay. In fact, the site is primarily online auctions. A seller places his article that no longer wants more, and proposes an initial price to other buyers begin to dispute the price of the product up to buy it, and thus provide a means of payment and delivery between buyer and seller . It is one of the most important sites of sale worldwide. It is also a pioneer in these online services in comparison to other companies since it was founded in 1995.


Allows selling your items you no longer use most in your house, you’re obsolete. This is a clear advantage that allows you to get rid of objects that do not use. It is a place that completely globalizes the world, as one can bring an item from the other hemisphere of the planet earth. If you propose to auction something desirable and low starting bid, you do not need to advertise the same as it quickly positioned for many people to see.

It is quite easy to start selling products creating an account on eBay. No need to be an expert in computing.

It is usually safe to contact the other person to buy a product, having enough data from the other individual with whom we spoke.

This is the headquarters of eBay in the United States.

Some disadvantages:

Risks presented by the fact that the seller can bid your own auction propose the next price are higher than the previous. This is a clear disadvantage. Obviously this happens with the account of a friend or another that has the same user who sells, unfortunately.

It is obviously possible to report this type of aforementioned situations, but the eBay team is not big enough to study and detect each of the cases it happens because it is practically impossible.

If we buy a product to another individual abroad, bring it to our country can be very expensive because of customs duties, even for a cheap and small object that we buy.

EBay fees are usually quite high, and can be a key factor in selling a product, as the company may charge you a high rate for what we sell.

You cannot build a brand or a company from eBay. By having dynamic users, many flows through the Web, and not all they come back for more you give good service for the number of deals out there.

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