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Important tips about Ebay shopping: How to identify a reliable vendor in Ebay



If you are a fan of the “flea fairs” or collector of things hard to find, eBay may be your undoing. Here we share some tips to succeed buying on eBay. I’ve never been a big fan of auction sites. Mainly because to get something you must be bidding for several days to be finally the winner (if you are lucky) and buy what you want. While e-commerce stores and even online classified sites allow you to get in one action you are looking for: immediate satisfaction.  As classified sites are a “flea fairs” with millions of second-hand or “collection” not found in stores. But unlike classified sites have sophisticated reputation systems that help you to buy from reliable sellers and do not be fooled by the transaction – the main threat to classified sites. In that, eBay is the world leader, to the point that there can now buy almost the same level of confidence to do it on Amazon.

In a previous paragraph we talked about the benefits and facilities to purchase online from the US and not die trying. Some of the things mentioned here also apply to local auction sites like MercadoLibre, but I will talk specifically about eBay because the immensely vast range of products you can find is unmatched. In fact, its slogan says it all: “Whatever, you can find it on eBay.” Here I share some tips from the experience we’ve had trying to get fitter products at the lowest possible price and the most reliable sellers. Some of these things seem obvious, but in my experience are the keys to success. Here I only talk about the auctions and not on products “Buy It Now” you can buy without auction.


How to identify a reliable vendor


Perhaps most important when buying, it is to make sure you’re doing it from a vendor who will not fool with the purchase. If you care to observe a couple of points, you can shop with confidence. Each seller on eBay has a number in parentheses next to your user name and then the number has a star of different colors. In short, the higher the number that means betters your reputation. Below that number the percentage of positive comments received by the seller appears, the best cases say 100%, but in my experience a vendor with 98% positive feedback score and high reputation is reliable. For added security, you can click on the reputation score and read the feedback you have left that other buyers and seller will see the positive and negative you have. Similarly, avoid buying from a seller who has a score of 0. I ventured once buying from a seller with a score of 0, as he said it was his first sale on eBay. I’m still hoping that I get the product.

When in doubt, you can always contact the seller before bidding (“bid”) and ask some questions privately, to have more confidence to buy. Finally you should search only vendors that offer get paid by PayPal. This is a system that you pay using a credit card, but never give your card information to the seller. When buying, I stay protected by the “eBay Buyer Protection Program” and if you run into any problems, eBay promises to return the money.


How sure you are buying a product in good condition


Best sellers add a sea of information next to your product. Lee detention as they may mention the flaws that have the product or things that appear in the photo actually are not included in the purchase. Take caution sellers who put publicity photos of the product and not the actual photos of the product itself. Similarly, beware of sellers who only put a photo in low quality or descriptions. If it’s worth, again contact the seller asking for more information. But the best advice is obvious: Your best friend is your own eye and looks closely at the photos. In general you can quickly identify product quality.


How to buy at the lowest possible price


Once you find a product of quality and are looking for a reliable vendor, the fun part begins. But as in card games, the strategy is the secret of success. Research and compare: Before making your first bid or purchase, it is important to compare the prices at which similar products have topped above. The best way is to use a tool called “Watch List” on eBay. Instead of bidding, adds to your “Watch List” similar products that interest you. If you pay less, you must have patience. I hope that a couple of auctions of similar products are closed before bidding, that way I can get the “market price” for which they are buying certain products. So you can know if a product is already overrated and not worth offering, or if undervalued and is an opportunity. In one case I wanted to buy a Newton H1000, the first PDA history. She saw that most were sold at US $ 200. With patience and research, end up paying half. In the same way, once I was within seconds of buying a complete original Macintosh to US $ 500, but felt that the price was too high and did not improve my offer. Later I discovered that it had been a great opportunity, since most were sold twice.

Look for a product with few bidders: In the file for each product you can see how many people have made an offer. If less than 2 offers, you know you’re competing with few people. If you are over 10 offers, it is advisable to look for a product with less interested.

Last Minute Deal: This is the key. Most products have deadlines eBay auction a week. If you do offer early, you give much time for the “bidding war” raise the high price. If you add something to your “Watch List”, but have not made an offer, eBay will handle alert you when there are few hours and not kept out of the auction. My best purchases I made the minutes and even seconds to end the auction. In one case I set the alarm for the middle of the night, to wake me make my offer from the cell and finally buy the product at a very low price. It may seem obsessive, but everyone will know that both cares get the product you are looking for the lowest price.

Do not put a “Max Bid” very high: When making an offer on eBay, which is you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. If a product is US $ 10 and you put a “Max Bid” $ 100, this will only increase to US $ 11 if no other offers. If anyone else offers you take it to the minimum price and not at your best. But if you put a “Max Bid” very high when there is still a long time, another buyer can continue offering to overcome your offer and finally be over the maximum you want to pay. You must create the illusion until the last minute that nobody else is offering, for the other buyer thinks has already won at the last minute and increase your bid and win the auction. Remember that an offer or bid is a commitment to purchase. You cannot take it back once you’ve made an offer and if you do not pay will be marked as an unreliable buyer.


How to ensure that your product comes fast and in good condition


The process does not end with winning the auction. After winning the auction, it is important to pay as soon as possible to be marked as a reliable buyer and have good reputation on eBay. Personally always contact the seller directly after winning a bid to ensure good communication and fast delivery to avoid any problems. Most vendors respond within hours or minutes and can ask you to worry about packing your product well, especially if it is fragile, so do not take unpleasant surprises when you get your purchase. Good communication also ensures that the seller will leave a positive comment improve your reputation on eBay.


If you run into a problem, all is not lost


To start with, eBay has protection for buyers in almost all sales – in place no detailed information about what the few exceptions. If the product never arrives or arrives something other than what bought. You can report the seller to eBay and if the seller does not solve the problem, the same service will return the value of your purchase. But it is always advisable to contact the seller first if you run into a problem. I once bought a product that came destroyed because it was packaged very precariously. I contacted the seller, send photos of the state in which the product arrived and I complained that my money back. EBay reputation is so important that the seller immediately gave me back 100% of what you paid just to not leave a negative comment.


Tips and tricks to buy on eBay and avoid deception




Ebay is the portal for the sale of most famous Internet articles. In it, we can sell what we no longer need and easily make money on the Net, but above all is a huge market where you find everything, no matter where in the world we are. However, before pouncing on the credit card, it should follow a few tips to buy on eBay, with which we can get the best possible price for an item, get hold of the auction that interests us smoothly or avoids surprises as expenses excessive shipping or products that cannot be returned or are in poor condition. Our recommendations are divided into three sections: general advice, auctions and other important information. Here we go.


General Tips for Buying on eBay


Item Status: One of the first things that we look at is in the item description, avoiding taking anything for granted. So, we will know whether it is new or is used, in what state you are in, if returns or not accepted (it is usual that there is no owner this possibility), etc. Shipping: often a price may seem low a priori, but then we met some exorbitant shipping costs. Many sellers do this to pay a percentage of the sale as low as possible to eBay because of shipping costs no such fee is applied. Also, if you buy from a vendor that is outside the EU, there is a possibility that we load customs tariffs, which should be ensured before.

Ask the seller: If you have any doubt, use the form Ask the seller listed on the article page. It is the easiest way to avoid misunderstandings later and leave doubts about any aspect, both related to the product itself as shipping and other phases of the process. Check the reputation: the great thing about eBay is that after a purchase can evaluate the seller, so we always know what may have done other users. It is useful to whether it is a store that sells on eBay as if we are facing a particular since if a user does not behave with integrity we’ll know soon thanks to the opinions. The percentage of positive usually always very high, and therefore we recommend that you take notice of the negative (if any) if you see something out of the ordinary. Is it really a good price? If you do not know the value of what we are buying well, one of the tips for buying more interesting is to consult eBay completed listings search, to get an idea.


Auctions: you cannot escape what you want


Do not bid by bid: If you intend to bid on something, make sure you’re finally willing to pay offered. Back down will give negative feedback and will make you put the most difficult things next time. Sets a maximum price: we are really thanks to the automatic eBay bidding system can indicate how much the cap that we offer is. If activated, if another user exceeds our bid, automatically we climb over to reach the marked limit (in successive batches, not all at once).

Do not spend your offer: automatic bidding system is interesting, but when used will be giving clues to our competitors. For example, if we offer a maximum of 100 Euros for an item and the current bid is for 20 Euros, every time one of them tries to buy it you will see how we move ahead again and again. It is best to start with low prices at the beginning and check every so often how it will auction. If necessary, after a few days we can increase the maximum price that we offer without problems.

Avoid round numbers: at last, you have found the product so longed for, and like dozens of other buyers, are going to offer 10, 20, 30, 40 Euros If instead of using round figures bets by less frequent, you may have an advantage over many of the other bids. Wait at the end: the “snipers” lurking on eBay in the last minutes of a valuable bid to avoid showing their cards before. It is normal for days our bid is the highest and in the blink of an eye when it is about to end, a flood of buyers start trying to push. Do the same and act cautiously.

Use the “Buy Now” option: in many auctions, the owner of an item may indicate a price for which we do with him and the auction will close. If you see that the indicated cost is interesting, it may be better to use this option and not take risks.


EBay bids: Other considerations


Update your data: your user profile is all your personal data. Make sure all are correct and up to date, because if you cannot take delivery of surprises with what you buy.  Use PayPal payment platform PayPal is very safe and is fully supported. It also has an advantage over credit card: in case of dispute with the seller, you will have 45 days to revoke the payment after opening the relevant impact on your system. Avoid long terms shipping: for the reason discussed in the previous section (disputes PayPal), avoid shipments may be prolonged more than 30 days, because in case of problems just we be room to open a dispute.

International Version: Looking occasionally at ebay.com: although we have registered since ebay.es, can enter from the US version of eBay, where surely find more variety and better prices. Just do not forget to take into account the possible customs and related costs as we move forward at the beginning of this article.

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