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Some essential tips for buying and selling on eBay


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EBay is one of the biggest buying and selling platforms that exist on the Internet. Here you will find almost everything you can imagine you: clothing and accessories, electronics, sporting goods, antiques, games, cars, food how does this auction? Is it safe to buy on eBay? Is it worth selling on eBay? Today we bring you some tips and tricks for basic fear is removed to eBay and make the most of this page. Before you start remember that eBay is available via web and apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows 8 (Metro interface) devices


Create lists of interests


Do you have a particular hobby or you love a clothing brand and always go looking for bargains? If you have a very specific interest eBay allows you to create lists with keywords. To create a search list either makes a search on eBay. That, plus the results show, will offer the option follow this search. Check to receive in your mail developments related and, above all, for articles of interest on the home page of eBay. You can manage your search from the Search option you follow my eBay.

Save favorite sellers

My experience tells me that whenever seek specific products always just looking at the same vendors. That is why you will want always have on hand your favorite sellers, whether users or shops. Doing so is as easy as giving the seller Follow button, which appears on several screens eBay: the summary of that user, beside his name on a product page. The favorite sellers appear on the Sellers option still within my eBay, where you can see your articles or add a comment to remember what they sell.


Grab ideas Collections


Collections are the latest addition to eBay, a way to manage your favorite items. This option, which is selected on the own tab of each article, lets you create a kind of wish lists. Creating them is useful, but also browse other users have created. Search collections are an alternative and very visual way to find interesting items, especially if you have to make a gift and you’re short of ideas.

Need more gift ideas? Then these tricks will also be useful.

Put yourself in situation are 6 days left in the auction for an item you love. The momentum will want to bid soon for him to show eBay you’re the highest bidder Do not do it! If you bid a long time the end of a more account the price of an item auction. So, wait for the last hours, if possible at the last minute to bid on something. And if you’re really interested in something following the auction in real time until his last minutes and make a good final bid right. How to be aware of what remains to the end of an auction? Do not forget to give the button Add to watch list within the tab in question and see the product in My Ebay and receive notifications when you are outbid or is about to end an auction.


Do not be afraid to push more


If you are not available at the time to end a bid or if you want and forget about it, you can always ask yourself a maximum price of the item you want. For example, if you are willing to pay up to 30 Euros for a product make your bid for that price: if the item is 15 Euros your bid will not put at 30, but it will take the next interval, for example 16.5 Euros . Thus, although another bidder bids, until you reach your 30 Euros will not be the highest bidder, the auction will rise only until the next interval difference with yours; hopefully, it will give up on time and not too inflated the price of the product.


Trust in the power of the “Buy Now!”


You can get good products at good prices with auctions, but also take you longer. In these cases you can use the option to Buy Now!  Experience tells me that Buy Now sometimes they get better prices on similar products with the auction option, since this is the addictive component which is giving the little button and be the highest bidder. In any case, when you search for a product, assess the different options.


Always pay with PayPal


Once you have your article is time to pay. On eBay you can select multiple payment methods, which depend on the vendor. PayPal is the recommended eBay and also we recommend us: why? As for the excellent security system that counts (the seller does not see your account number or card has an excellent encryption) and guarantees that give you: If you do not receive your order and the seller will not solve the problem, you’ll get your money back. In 11 years using eBay have had few problems but one; PayPal always had my money back; you lie that time I decided I had many bank transfer and headaches.


Negative vote should be the last resort


When you get what you order you can stop one vote to the seller. I recommend not being a fussy eater and always put positive feedback as well as a large number of stars if the product meets your expectations.  Now, what if the product received is not what you expect or directly have not received anything on time? Negative rate before talking with the seller; in most cases the problem may solve either resend the product or refund money. Rate negative only if the seller has not complied with the provisions and has responded poorly to your requests. The neutral vote, meanwhile, does not make much sense.


Is it worth selling?


Now that you’re an experienced eBay buyer you can encourage you sell. The issue is, do you compensate? The eBay community is very large, ensuring you more potential buyers, but also keep in mind that selling on eBay is not free. Ebay charges tariffs depending on the price of the product you sell and characteristics of your advertisement. They are not very high, but what you sell is not very expensive just do not pays off. In any case eBay offers the option of making a mock ad, which will see the final price thereof.

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