11 Tips for Buying on eBay without risk


The network allows us to reach some products at competitive prices many times and sometimes difficult or impossible to find near where you live. Ebay is, surely, one of the largest showcases of photo products regarding number and variety where, with a little patience and perseverance, you can get find good items at an attractive price. We give you the keys to move around freely and get eBay products at a good price.


 Learn How to Buy or Bid on eBay


I guess by now you know, even for references, eBay, the leading Internet auction site. eBay is the most important site on the internet buying and selling volume of operations and users, where you can buy by auction and fixed price also.

To not much, I have divided this article into two parts. In the first (the one you are reading) I will give you the keys to understanding how eBay works and what are the steps to take before making a purchase maximize profit. In the second I will show you a case of buying on eBay with which I saved 40% on the original price.


How does eBay work?

One of the main problems facing purchases auction systems is impulse purchases.

In my case, I am no friend of auctions, because I recognize that I am a little nervous about closing price, and can end up paying well over the maximum price you noticed me at first, but gradually I’ve learned to I control my nerves and I have had occasional satisfaction.

However, I recognize that, as I am told some good friends, where I enjoy is in the buying process itself, so if you do not have time or simply do not find the grace to investigate the characteristics and alternatives to a particular product and seek good price, it may be preferable to go directly to the store and buy what you need without getting around.

Moreover, despite what many people believe, on eBay there are only second-hand goods auctioned. There are many stores that sell new products whose storefront is on eBay for the facilities gives the company to create online business from scratch.

So, if you do not mind experimenting, do not miss the advice we give you to move freely around eBay when searching for photographic material and otherwise, because most of the tips that we have application in any type of product and not limited exclusively to the world of photography.


For reference, I will say that in recent times I had acquired a new and original grip for my camera with two batteries for less than half of what it cost me in France (in Spain is not yet marketed when I bought it), and a new flash 40% cheaper final price in Spain, after passing through customs and pay taxes.


  1. Choose the product (vouchers for ebay.es, ebay.com or any other)


First of all, it is essential to decide what they want to buy. On eBay there are plenty of items of all kinds, and is quite a lot easy to get lost and end up buying something you do not want or do not need.

As an example, at the time I was looking at the possibility of buying a fixed-focus lens 50mm for my camera. Analyzing the market, discovered that there were models with different maximum apertures with automatic or manual focus only, In the end I pulled the chaff from the grain and came to the conclusion that what he wanted was a “Nikon 50mm f / 1.8 D”. There are f / 1.4 (three times more expensive), older models with manual focus.

You must limit your horizon and decide exactly which product you want to purchase. If for example I have stated you have seen that there are different options, imagine what will happen if you just know you want a “digital camera”.

To give you a reference, here are some articles that have been buying other photographic material. You probably give many ideas in expanding your team and see how to locate products and get a good price.


  1. Determine the price


Once we know what we really want, the next step is to know how much it costs. I mean market price, that is, what is paying for it. To do this, you simply have to use the advanced search option, asking the system to display the products whose auction has ended. To perform this type of search you must be registered eBay user.

With this you can make a study of the final selling price have reached, and see if you are willing to pay a similar amount for him. And I have said that we must have patience, but patience is not equivalent to expect miracles. There are many products on eBay, and many buyers. It is likely that almost always give someone willing to pay more than you for the article, which must discard starting to buy something below the average value that has sold similar items.


  1. Analyze the product status


If your selected product is new then no loss occurs. But if the product is used, that’s where we took a gamble. For products used, we have little assurance that the state is desired. In this regard, we have some things in mind.

If what you’re buying is a camera, items such as the time you have or the number of shots is important data. Depending on the use will have degraded components such as batteries or LCD, in addition to having suffered bumps and scratches.

Optical are also complicated. Any stroke, even in the subsequent transfer, can make an objective damage inside.

It is therefore important that the seller post photos of the product you sell. Do not hesitate to ask for more pictures if you are interested in the product.

In the case of buying objectives, it is good to see a good picture of the lens and connectors, to see if the glass is scratched. For cameras, look at the state of the LCD, if the target is a compact camera, and housing, to detect any shocks or scratches. Something that bodes well for the seller is that you have the original packaging. It says a lot about the care that puts on its material.

You should also make sure the product comes with all accessories (cables, chargers, connectors) and the original invoice.


  1. Watch your language


One of my best practices in buying is to do outside of Spain. The advantage of the Web is that if the buyer is willing, you can get your article from the ends of the world. Furthermore, surprisingly enough, usually it arrives before domestic shipments. I have made purchases in the United States in two days were in Spain, to spend then another 5 in the post office.

Not to buy shipments outside Spain take longer. We tend to think that if Spain takes to get a letter a week, if coming from abroad may take two months to arrive, and it is not. It will take one or two days, because the bottleneck is usually here.

Moreover, in Spain we believe that “we are smarter” and try to charge for second-hand products only if they were new. As a rule, I found sellers to European, American and Asian much more sensible in its pricing policy. But buying abroad is a possible risk: language. If there is anything I hate about eBay is the format with ads. In fact, in its early stages he detested this system for so uncomfortable aspect that has, until I became convinced that worked well despite everything. I have a nasty habit of making a cross-reading of the ads, so that sometimes do not see the first warnings about product defects, malfunctions, breakage, etc. There are people who sell damaged products, previously warning him, because they can serve some other piece. But if we are not careful, we can buy, a good price, yes, a broken camera.


The problem of not mastering the language is that you can overlook relevant information. So reads the information items calmly and uses automatic translators if necessary.


  1. Do not be afraid to ask


Whenever I’m minimally interested in an article, I clarify my doubts before bidding. Overall, eBay users typically answer questions fairly quickly. ¬†Asked if sent to your country should not be clear. Never pujes for something if you are not sure that it meets the conditions you need.


  1. Choose PayPal as payment


Ebay allows different forms of payment, and not all are equally safe. In my case, I always use PayPal. PayPal is the most widely used payment system on the Internet worldwide. It is intermediate system between buyer and seller. Your PayPal account is associated with a bank account or a card, but these data only give them to PayPal, never the seller. PayPal pays the seller and charges a lot of money for the service; you pay any commission for it as a buyer. Thus your bank details have them only PayPal, and not every one of the vendors that buy them something.

In addition, PayPal has a claim system if there is any problem with the transaction covering the buyer reasonably well if you claim within 45 days after payment. I’ve had to use a couple of times for not having received the product and PayPal has always given me the money. One of the filters that apply to you when looking for items is the method of payment. If you cannot pay with PayPal, simply rule to that vendor.


  1. Check the user feedback


It is essential to evaluate the seller before buying anything. Ebay uses to do an opinion poll by the buyers and sellers are evaluated after each transaction. Check the seller has enough positive feedback received from buyers and analyzes your comments. There are vendors who, in an attempt to defraud, made many purchases of cheap items get a good percentage of votes, but votes from sellers, not buyers. Keep this in mind.

Search opinions of those vendors in alternative circles. If it comes to online stores, you probably have enough specialized users who have already tried to use their services in forums. Ask them.


  1. Check the shipping price


To calculate the product price you have to add shipping costs. There are some vendors who distribute their products very cheap, but you apply too high a price for shipping. This is done to make the product more attractive to start. There are vendors selling the same product at several different prices, adjusting the shipping price based on the price that put the product. In the end, what counts is the final price you have to pay. So to know the final price, total product price and shipping price. And if the shipping price does not appear, never buy without checking before the seller. Note that in many cases the shipping price is the same or almost similar to buying several items. If so, consider whether you need to buy several things from the same seller or if you can get according to some known to absorb the shipping costs.


  1. VAT and tariffs


It is not gold that glitters, and there’s something you should know. Products purchased abroad (outside the European Union), when they arrive in Spain spend (or should spend) by Customs. If they stop, they can make you pay VAT and tariffs. This means, in the case of products from the United States, an increase in the purchase price by approximately 23% in new electronic material. If you also have a bad day, you may be applying VAT and tariffs on the total price, including shipping costs, something that is totally unfair, but you probably compensate pay to not enter a tedious process claims.

Faced with Customs controls, there are theories of all kinds. Some say that all shipments made by courier always pass customs control while using conventional postal services in each country pass filter based on the value declared in the package by the seller. To try to avoid these rates I’ve seen who sets the contents of the package as a gift, sample, equipment used, or declares a value much lower than the real.

You have to know that all these tricks can work or not. In my case, I received packets that have not passed through customs and others that if they have done, having to pay VAT at the post office and tariffs. My recommendation is that when you calculate the final price, you consider the surcharge of VAT and tariffs and get in the worst case. If not then you have to pay, the better for you.


  1. The guarantee


Another negative thing is the loss of warranty on most products. Strictly not miss that, but can you have it in the country of purchase. If an item you bought in Hong Kong or the United States, is likely to have to send there to repair because the distributor of your country is not in charge of the product do not recognize your warranty is damaged.


  1. Bidding at the last moment: Snipers


Once you have determined the product, the seller, and the maximum price to be paid taking into account shipping costs and possible taxes, it’s time to bid. And here I have to recommend the use of a sniper. Snipers are tools that handle bid for you in the last moments unattended. There are products to install on your computer, which will force you to keep your computer on when the auction closes, and Web services that make it for you without you’re online.

There is nothing worse than the stress of being online bidding, as long as the auction does not end at odd or incompatible for the performance of other activities hours.

Ebay has a system that allows you to set a maximum price for your bid. The problem is that if fixed days before and someone does the same, can unnecessarily expensive product long before the end of the process About BPD.

With snipering products you can start your bid and your maximum price a few seconds before the end of the auction, generating a wow factor and additional pressure on other potential buyers who are entrusted to appear seconds before closing. There are free services of this type and payment. The payment can charge a fixed per auction, for a fixed time, or a percentage of the price.




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