Online Shopping Tips

Tips for buying online with a minimum security

Buy online should not present a danger to anyone, provided they attend special details, depending on where we buy, of course. Not the same purchase on Amazon, eBay. Then I leave some tips and personal experiences in 2 of the most popular platforms, eBay and Amazon, as well as details to consider on these platforms.


Card payment is one of the safest shops.  Just complaints about the platform are not heard, yes on the merchants, but more specifically on agencies of transport used for shipments. I have an account on Amazon for several years, and I bought some other things, but I have too much personal experience. What if it matches the rest of ratings that makes the public about the store, it is my impression of his mathematical control shipments.  One of the few times I bought, told me that the package would arrive in four days. He arrived in 3. Of course, what could be seen as positivism, it became a problem? In three days there was no one at home and could not make the delivery. Here the problems started: call the agency calls again, schedule a time certain delivery, which do not comply, etc And I had to be received in 4 days, it was not made until day 8. It is an isolated case I know, but it’s my case.

You have to know one thing about Amazon: it is not an online store. It is a sales platform where shops display their products, and in addition to those stores, Amazon also sells. Buy “to” Amazon is a sure thing; buy “in” Amazon cannot be both. We need to look at who is the seller of the product, and if not Amazon, the reviews you have, especially the negative ones, which are the most explanatory.

In addition to the seller, as we find the item you want to buy, we have to look at the ratings and comments you have the product to see if it fits sold reality. You have to watch the item is new or second hand (yes, Amazon used items are sold), you have to cover the costs of shipping (maybe an article is very cheap seller X, but shipping costs, you end up paying more than if you will buy the seller and – if there is a tie, customer ratings should be what our balance bend).

Payments will only be made by linking a credit card or debit card with your Amazon account. You also have the option to purchase “cards” Amazon with the amount you want (in some department stores have them on sale).



Whenever you find something you’re interested in eBay you have to look seller ratings first. If the% customer satisfaction is less than 98%, something happens. Check the negative evaluations have and check what has motivated. There are many things beyond the possibilities of the seller. It is broken: it may have been in transportation, the seller is not to blame. It has not reached: it is very likely that if sent by mail, has been in the Limbo of the shopping carts that used in offices to move packages. It is very rare that a vendor with high satisfaction% of the play not sending a package. If you come from Europe / USA, it has an average of 10.05 days from shipment until you receive. If you come from Asia, it has an average of three weeks from shipping.

What you bought does not look anything or photo or item description: here the blame can only be the seller; that was mistaken when packing or you have not properly described the advertised item.  This is very subjective everyone will find useful information either. If you never got the article, as indicated by our French friend, make a complaint to PayPal (if you have paid this way), it is solved. It is the fault of the seller? It may or it may not I said, is very subjective. Analyzes and decides. Let’s see how to act if what we receive does not meet somehow, our expectations. If you paid by PayPal, and what you get is not what it should be, it is faulty or the like, return it (check the seller’s return policy) and claim a full refund PayPal cart. Please note that shipping charges are on your own. If you pay by bank transfer or on delivery it is more complicated: Transfer: If you claim depends on the seller accept or reject the claim and return or not what you paid. The myth of “I’d rather pay well, because I assure you sent me the package” False, with this you make sure that you receive a “package”, you cannot be open until you pay at the post office. And if you bought has nothing to do with what you have received, you cannot yell at anyone anything the Post do not know what you bought or cares about your life (usually these people not interested or your life). Anyway, have you bought or not, the most important part is the vote of the article.



Casts positive: it means that everything went smoothly and has received what you bought. Or, it was not what you bought / broken / etc, but good communication with the seller and the refund deserve a positive vote. Vote: we vote and when the seller passes our claims and has voluntarily or forcibly give back the money (claim to PayPal), deserves to be known. Usually the seller will try to change the vote, which is not a change, if not a “cancellation of the sale,” as if it never existed. It is your decision to accept this cancellation. Votes positive or negative, with the stars we mark our satisfaction rate with the speed in shipping, communication with the seller, accuracy of description, etc. Although sellers ALWAYS ask you 5 stars, do not do it, be consistent: if they tell you receive 3 days and have it in 4 are not 5 stars. If what you buy is red, and comes garnet “because the camera took well”, they are not 5 star. If the seller has not communicated with you at any time are not 5 stars.



The margin of the vote and the stars, we have a text field in which we can describe very briefly the experience. Here it is where we can reach out so that other buyers know the seriousness of the seller. Be positive or negative, indicating what happened: “Fast shipping, reliable seller” is very useful information. “The article is not nothing resembled the description and the seller does not want to charge” is even more useful information.



I have much experience buying on eBay, and very few times I have had problems. The biggest problem has been that China buying package has not arrived. I complained and returned the amount without any problem. I voted several times negatively, although I would have returned the money, because the seller does not want to take care of the problems, half-information, etc. I always buy items that can be paid by PayPal, the security offered me the claim amount, and I always check the low ratings the seller. If you do like me, you should have no problem and you can buy safely. I hope these tips will help you better buy on Amazon, eBay and the Internet in general. Luck!

Eight Tips for Buying on eBay



Give yourself a positive experience buying on eBay with these 8 tips. Below are eight tips to help you buy on eBay safely, achieving a positive experience of your online transaction with one of the most popular in the world pages. Meet the item well before bidding or purchase. – is common, clear sense, however it is worth mentioning that it is important to pay attention to the details of the article, which can range from something physical, like color, etc. ., until some functionality, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. Make sure you read the conditions put seller. – For example: payment, shipping, expected times for shipping, extra charges, defects, etc.

Avoid offers that exceed your Capacity. – is easy to get carried away, especially if it is a hard to find item. It is recommended that you put a limit on how much you want to spend on the article and have the discipline to leave the scope Cando auction. Remember that there is a good deal because you have to buy it.

Make questions. – If you have inquiries about any part of the item you want to buy, ask the seller. You must be able to find a link to “ask the seller”, with which you can send a message (which will probably arrive via email) with your question.

Avoid actions that violate any law.- There are objects that are considered prohibited by law or that may be considered questionable or restricted, especially if it is an item that will cross borders, you must first consider your local laws. Examples of restricted items:

Organs and limbs of the human body (the US rules for setup instructions, rules for Spain; for other regions make a search customer).

EBay is based on trust and reputation of sellers, same as you get with the “positive feedback” (positive feedback, in English), and for this same reason why your feedback is important. If you had a good experience, you can do a favor for future buyers indicated that the seller is reliable.

Be patient; avoid fumble in a “bidding war”. – Avoid competing for the highest bid increasing it every time someone passes. Be enduring and wait for the right moment arrives. A practical buyer’s veteran is expected to be almost closing time of the auction then make their bids. Enter “bidding war” only benefits the seller, not your pocket.

It considers that the most common problem is the delay in shipments. – Take this consideration before giving negative feedback, especially if an article is crossing borders. Have them available, ask your vendor to send you tracking numbers -to track packages or mail- and messaging that makes you know what day did shipping. This will give a clearer idea of when your item will arrive.

Some essential tips for buying and selling on eBay


Buying and selling on eBay

er eebb

EBay is one of the biggest buying and selling platforms that exist on the Internet. Here you will find almost everything you can imagine you: clothing and accessories, electronics, sporting goods, antiques, games, cars, food how does this auction? Is it safe to buy on eBay? Is it worth selling on eBay? Today we bring you some tips and tricks for basic fear is removed to eBay and make the most of this page. Before you start remember that eBay is available via web and apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows 8 (Metro interface) devices


Create lists of interests


Do you have a particular hobby or you love a clothing brand and always go looking for bargains? If you have a very specific interest eBay allows you to create lists with keywords. To create a search list either makes a search on eBay. That, plus the results show, will offer the option follow this search. Check to receive in your mail developments related and, above all, for articles of interest on the home page of eBay. You can manage your search from the Search option you follow my eBay.

Save favorite sellers

My experience tells me that whenever seek specific products always just looking at the same vendors. That is why you will want always have on hand your favorite sellers, whether users or shops. Doing so is as easy as giving the seller Follow button, which appears on several screens eBay: the summary of that user, beside his name on a product page. The favorite sellers appear on the Sellers option still within my eBay, where you can see your articles or add a comment to remember what they sell.


Grab ideas Collections


Collections are the latest addition to eBay, a way to manage your favorite items. This option, which is selected on the own tab of each article, lets you create a kind of wish lists. Creating them is useful, but also browse other users have created. Search collections are an alternative and very visual way to find interesting items, especially if you have to make a gift and you’re short of ideas.

Need more gift ideas? Then these tricks will also be useful.

Put yourself in situation are 6 days left in the auction for an item you love. The momentum will want to bid soon for him to show eBay you’re the highest bidder Do not do it! If you bid a long time the end of a more account the price of an item auction. So, wait for the last hours, if possible at the last minute to bid on something. And if you’re really interested in something following the auction in real time until his last minutes and make a good final bid right. How to be aware of what remains to the end of an auction? Do not forget to give the button Add to watch list within the tab in question and see the product in My Ebay and receive notifications when you are outbid or is about to end an auction.


Do not be afraid to push more


If you are not available at the time to end a bid or if you want and forget about it, you can always ask yourself a maximum price of the item you want. For example, if you are willing to pay up to 30 Euros for a product make your bid for that price: if the item is 15 Euros your bid will not put at 30, but it will take the next interval, for example 16.5 Euros . Thus, although another bidder bids, until you reach your 30 Euros will not be the highest bidder, the auction will rise only until the next interval difference with yours; hopefully, it will give up on time and not too inflated the price of the product.


Trust in the power of the “Buy Now!”


You can get good products at good prices with auctions, but also take you longer. In these cases you can use the option to Buy Now!  Experience tells me that Buy Now sometimes they get better prices on similar products with the auction option, since this is the addictive component which is giving the little button and be the highest bidder. In any case, when you search for a product, assess the different options.


Always pay with PayPal


Once you have your article is time to pay. On eBay you can select multiple payment methods, which depend on the vendor. PayPal is the recommended eBay and also we recommend us: why? As for the excellent security system that counts (the seller does not see your account number or card has an excellent encryption) and guarantees that give you: If you do not receive your order and the seller will not solve the problem, you’ll get your money back. In 11 years using eBay have had few problems but one; PayPal always had my money back; you lie that time I decided I had many bank transfer and headaches.


Negative vote should be the last resort


When you get what you order you can stop one vote to the seller. I recommend not being a fussy eater and always put positive feedback as well as a large number of stars if the product meets your expectations.  Now, what if the product received is not what you expect or directly have not received anything on time? Negative rate before talking with the seller; in most cases the problem may solve either resend the product or refund money. Rate negative only if the seller has not complied with the provisions and has responded poorly to your requests. The neutral vote, meanwhile, does not make much sense.


Is it worth selling?


Now that you’re an experienced eBay buyer you can encourage you sell. The issue is, do you compensate? The eBay community is very large, ensuring you more potential buyers, but also keep in mind that selling on eBay is not free. Ebay charges tariffs depending on the price of the product you sell and characteristics of your advertisement. They are not very high, but what you sell is not very expensive just do not pays off. In any case eBay offers the option of making a mock ad, which will see the final price thereof.


Important tips about Ebay shopping: How to identify a reliable vendor in Ebay


If you are a fan of the “flea fairs” or collector of things hard to find, eBay may be your undoing. Here we share some tips to succeed buying on eBay. I’ve never been a big fan of auction sites. Mainly because to get something you must be bidding for several days to be finally the winner (if you are lucky) and buy what you want. While e-commerce stores and even online classified sites allow you to get in one action you are looking for: immediate satisfaction.  As classified sites are a “flea fairs” with millions of second-hand or “collection” not found in stores. But unlike classified sites have sophisticated reputation systems that help you to buy from reliable sellers and do not be fooled by the transaction – the main threat to classified sites. In that, eBay is the world leader, to the point that there can now buy almost the same level of confidence to do it on Amazon.

In a previous paragraph we talked about the benefits and facilities to purchase online from the US and not die trying. Some of the things mentioned here also apply to local auction sites like MercadoLibre, but I will talk specifically about eBay because the immensely vast range of products you can find is unmatched. In fact, its slogan says it all: “Whatever, you can find it on eBay.” Here I share some tips from the experience we’ve had trying to get fitter products at the lowest possible price and the most reliable sellers. Some of these things seem obvious, but in my experience are the keys to success. Here I only talk about the auctions and not on products “Buy It Now” you can buy without auction.


How to identify a reliable vendor


Perhaps most important when buying, it is to make sure you’re doing it from a vendor who will not fool with the purchase. If you care to observe a couple of points, you can shop with confidence. Each seller on eBay has a number in parentheses next to your user name and then the number has a star of different colors. In short, the higher the number that means betters your reputation. Below that number the percentage of positive comments received by the seller appears, the best cases say 100%, but in my experience a vendor with 98% positive feedback score and high reputation is reliable. For added security, you can click on the reputation score and read the feedback you have left that other buyers and seller will see the positive and negative you have. Similarly, avoid buying from a seller who has a score of 0. I ventured once buying from a seller with a score of 0, as he said it was his first sale on eBay. I’m still hoping that I get the product.

When in doubt, you can always contact the seller before bidding (“bid”) and ask some questions privately, to have more confidence to buy. Finally you should search only vendors that offer get paid by PayPal. This is a system that you pay using a credit card, but never give your card information to the seller. When buying, I stay protected by the “eBay Buyer Protection Program” and if you run into any problems, eBay promises to return the money.


How sure you are buying a product in good condition


Best sellers add a sea of information next to your product. Lee detention as they may mention the flaws that have the product or things that appear in the photo actually are not included in the purchase. Take caution sellers who put publicity photos of the product and not the actual photos of the product itself. Similarly, beware of sellers who only put a photo in low quality or descriptions. If it’s worth, again contact the seller asking for more information. But the best advice is obvious: Your best friend is your own eye and looks closely at the photos. In general you can quickly identify product quality.


How to buy at the lowest possible price


Once you find a product of quality and are looking for a reliable vendor, the fun part begins. But as in card games, the strategy is the secret of success. Research and compare: Before making your first bid or purchase, it is important to compare the prices at which similar products have topped above. The best way is to use a tool called “Watch List” on eBay. Instead of bidding, adds to your “Watch List” similar products that interest you. If you pay less, you must have patience. I hope that a couple of auctions of similar products are closed before bidding, that way I can get the “market price” for which they are buying certain products. So you can know if a product is already overrated and not worth offering, or if undervalued and is an opportunity. In one case I wanted to buy a Newton H1000, the first PDA history. She saw that most were sold at US $ 200. With patience and research, end up paying half. In the same way, once I was within seconds of buying a complete original Macintosh to US $ 500, but felt that the price was too high and did not improve my offer. Later I discovered that it had been a great opportunity, since most were sold twice.

Look for a product with few bidders: In the file for each product you can see how many people have made an offer. If less than 2 offers, you know you’re competing with few people. If you are over 10 offers, it is advisable to look for a product with less interested.

Last Minute Deal: This is the key. Most products have deadlines eBay auction a week. If you do offer early, you give much time for the “bidding war” raise the high price. If you add something to your “Watch List”, but have not made an offer, eBay will handle alert you when there are few hours and not kept out of the auction. My best purchases I made the minutes and even seconds to end the auction. In one case I set the alarm for the middle of the night, to wake me make my offer from the cell and finally buy the product at a very low price. It may seem obsessive, but everyone will know that both cares get the product you are looking for the lowest price.

Do not put a “Max Bid” very high: When making an offer on eBay, which is you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay. If a product is US $ 10 and you put a “Max Bid” $ 100, this will only increase to US $ 11 if no other offers. If anyone else offers you take it to the minimum price and not at your best. But if you put a “Max Bid” very high when there is still a long time, another buyer can continue offering to overcome your offer and finally be over the maximum you want to pay. You must create the illusion until the last minute that nobody else is offering, for the other buyer thinks has already won at the last minute and increase your bid and win the auction. Remember that an offer or bid is a commitment to purchase. You cannot take it back once you’ve made an offer and if you do not pay will be marked as an unreliable buyer.


How to ensure that your product comes fast and in good condition


The process does not end with winning the auction. After winning the auction, it is important to pay as soon as possible to be marked as a reliable buyer and have good reputation on eBay. Personally always contact the seller directly after winning a bid to ensure good communication and fast delivery to avoid any problems. Most vendors respond within hours or minutes and can ask you to worry about packing your product well, especially if it is fragile, so do not take unpleasant surprises when you get your purchase. Good communication also ensures that the seller will leave a positive comment improve your reputation on eBay.


If you run into a problem, all is not lost


To start with, eBay has protection for buyers in almost all sales – in place no detailed information about what the few exceptions. If the product never arrives or arrives something other than what bought. You can report the seller to eBay and if the seller does not solve the problem, the same service will return the value of your purchase. But it is always advisable to contact the seller first if you run into a problem. I once bought a product that came destroyed because it was packaged very precariously. I contacted the seller, send photos of the state in which the product arrived and I complained that my money back. EBay reputation is so important that the seller immediately gave me back 100% of what you paid just to not leave a negative comment.

Tips and tricks to buy on eBay and avoid deception



Ebay is the portal for the sale of most famous Internet articles. In it, we can sell what we no longer need and easily make money on the Net, but above all is a huge market where you find everything, no matter where in the world we are. However, before pouncing on the credit card, it should follow a few tips to buy on eBay, with which we can get the best possible price for an item, get hold of the auction that interests us smoothly or avoids surprises as expenses excessive shipping or products that cannot be returned or are in poor condition. Our recommendations are divided into three sections: general advice, auctions and other important information. Here we go.


General Tips for Buying on eBay


Item Status: One of the first things that we look at is in the item description, avoiding taking anything for granted. So, we will know whether it is new or is used, in what state you are in, if returns or not accepted (it is usual that there is no owner this possibility), etc. Shipping: often a price may seem low a priori, but then we met some exorbitant shipping costs. Many sellers do this to pay a percentage of the sale as low as possible to eBay because of shipping costs no such fee is applied. Also, if you buy from a vendor that is outside the EU, there is a possibility that we load customs tariffs, which should be ensured before.

Ask the seller: If you have any doubt, use the form Ask the seller listed on the article page. It is the easiest way to avoid misunderstandings later and leave doubts about any aspect, both related to the product itself as shipping and other phases of the process. Check the reputation: the great thing about eBay is that after a purchase can evaluate the seller, so we always know what may have done other users. It is useful to whether it is a store that sells on eBay as if we are facing a particular since if a user does not behave with integrity we’ll know soon thanks to the opinions. The percentage of positive usually always very high, and therefore we recommend that you take notice of the negative (if any) if you see something out of the ordinary. Is it really a good price? If you do not know the value of what we are buying well, one of the tips for buying more interesting is to consult eBay completed listings search, to get an idea.


Auctions: you cannot escape what you want


Do not bid by bid: If you intend to bid on something, make sure you’re finally willing to pay offered. Back down will give negative feedback and will make you put the most difficult things next time. Sets a maximum price: we are really thanks to the automatic eBay bidding system can indicate how much the cap that we offer is. If activated, if another user exceeds our bid, automatically we climb over to reach the marked limit (in successive batches, not all at once).

Do not spend your offer: automatic bidding system is interesting, but when used will be giving clues to our competitors. For example, if we offer a maximum of 100 Euros for an item and the current bid is for 20 Euros, every time one of them tries to buy it you will see how we move ahead again and again. It is best to start with low prices at the beginning and check every so often how it will auction. If necessary, after a few days we can increase the maximum price that we offer without problems.

Avoid round numbers: at last, you have found the product so longed for, and like dozens of other buyers, are going to offer 10, 20, 30, 40 Euros If instead of using round figures bets by less frequent, you may have an advantage over many of the other bids. Wait at the end: the “snipers” lurking on eBay in the last minutes of a valuable bid to avoid showing their cards before. It is normal for days our bid is the highest and in the blink of an eye when it is about to end, a flood of buyers start trying to push. Do the same and act cautiously.

Use the “Buy Now” option: in many auctions, the owner of an item may indicate a price for which we do with him and the auction will close. If you see that the indicated cost is interesting, it may be better to use this option and not take risks.


EBay bids: Other considerations


Update your data: your user profile is all your personal data. Make sure all are correct and up to date, because if you cannot take delivery of surprises with what you buy.  Use PayPal payment platform PayPal is very safe and is fully supported. It also has an advantage over credit card: in case of dispute with the seller, you will have 45 days to revoke the payment after opening the relevant impact on your system. Avoid long terms shipping: for the reason discussed in the previous section (disputes PayPal), avoid shipments may be prolonged more than 30 days, because in case of problems just we be room to open a dispute.

International Version: Looking occasionally at although we have registered since, can enter from the US version of eBay, where surely find more variety and better prices. Just do not forget to take into account the possible customs and related costs as we move forward at the beginning of this article.


Complete Guide Drop shipping: “Evaluating sales channels”


Having already chosen a product, assured suppliers and your business legally established, it’s time to start selling! Then you need to decide how you will place your products in front of potential customers. Several options are available for sale, but most likely will choose a combination of selling your own online store, eBay or Amazon.


drop shiping

Drop shipping on eBay


As the auction site physical products in the world largest online, eBay is a site that most people know well. The following is a list of reasons to consider (or avoid) do Drop shipping on eBay:


The pluses to sell on eBay


EASY START: With eBay you can start immediately to publish a list of your products wholesaler. Create an account, add a list and that’s all.


PUBLIC ACCESS TO NUMEROUS: When you post your listing on eBay, you have access to many online shoppers who frequent this sale giant. Millions of citizens will see your listings, and significantly lively and robust market will help to ensure a decent price for your products.


LESS MARKETING: As you can reap the benefits of the huge platform eBay, you need not worry about marketing, SEO and pay for traffic. This saves time because the marketing is one of the biggest challenges associated with the launch of a Drop shipping business.


The points against selling on eBay


RATES OF PUBLICATION: The biggest downside of eBay is the fees that must be paid. The most notable is the success rate, which can reach up to 10% (or more) of the selling price of your products. In the Drop shipping market, where margins are so low, that much of your earnings will be.


CONSTANT MONITORING AND RE-PUBLICATION OF LISTS: eBay is an auction market so you must constantly monitor and republish the products you want to sell. Some tools help automate this process, but still is not as simple as static list items for sale on your own ecommerce website.


NO you can customize your sales platform: listings of your products must conform to eBay templates, making it harder to create a professional page and add value to your products.


NO CONNECTION WITH LONG-TERM CUSTOMERS: You can have some customers who come back to you on eBay, but most probably never will. The benefits may have to provide excellent service most likely will be lost.


The structure of this market site has been created for your own benefit. eBay traders do not want to be the center of attention but products. Your communication with customers be severely restricted, like how publicizes your brand, designing your store, etc.


NO BUILDING AN ACTIVE ARE YOU OK: When you create a store that generates traffic and you have returning customers, you are creating a real business value you can sell to a third party. When you sell on eBay, you are not building a lasting brand or web property with a tangible worth that can be sold in the future.


Drop shipping on Amazon


Although Amazon has in stock and sells a series of articles, many of the published products are sold by third parties from side to side the Amazon site. Like eBay, Amazon intervenes to make easy the sale and decide any problems that might arise.


The pluses to sell on Amazon


The advantages of selling on Amazon are similar to those mentioned to sell on eBay is easy to start, has immediate access to a large audience and need not worry about marketing or SEO.


Amazon also offers its own deposits to complete orders (Fulfillment by Amazon), which allows you to supplement your Drop shipping products with own products without having to deal with packing, shipping or storage.


The points against sell on Amazon


RATES OF PUBLICATION: As with eBay, you pay substantial fees for access to this wide network of buyers. Commission rates Amazon vary by type of product but are general between 10% and 15%.


Again, if you’re working with relatively low margins Drop shipping, that a considerable portion of your earnings will be.


SALES INFORMATION PRESENTED: A risk you take when using Amazon’s platform is that they have access to all the sales data, items sold and how much more is sold in total. Amazon has been accused of using this information to identify large sales opportunities and expand their involvement in certain niches, which seriously harms other traders who use the site.


NO CONNECTION WITH LONG-TERM CUSTOMERS: As with eBay, it is unlikely that you can build long-term relationships with your customers. Amazon there for your own benefit and the best for them is to focus on products rather than sellers. Be prepared to suffer severe restrictions as to how you Publicities your brand and your business, how you show your products and how you communicate with your customers.


It IS NOT PERSONALIZABLE: Again, as on eBay, the customization options are extremely limited. Everything you do to advertise your brand, user interface, marketing and so on, will be under the control of Amazon.


Drop shipping with your own virtual store


The alternative to selling on third party sites like eBay and Amazon is to establish your own online store to sell your products. This is the method that attracts more people interested in creating a successful Drop shipping business.


The pluses to sell in your own shop


MORE CONTROL: With your own online store can create a shopping environment that is conducive to selling your products and, most importantly, add value to your customers. You can customize the appearance and distribution, and create product pages as optimized to provide the best information to your customers.


EASY DESIGN: Build your own ecommerce store is easy, especially with platforms like Shopify. Simply choose a design for your store from hundreds of options, customize it to your taste, add your products, you set up a payment gateway and you’re ready to go. Depending on the type of online store you want to create, you could be working in a day.


LIST FOR MOBILE DEVICES: Selling on eBay and Amazon through mobile devices can be a headache. If you decide to make your online store with e-commerce platform reputable you have your own hosting, your site should respond optimally and look great on an iPad or mobile phone. This is increasingly important, as nearly 30% of online purchases are made through a mobile device.


Some platforms for virtual stores like Shopify, let you handle all your business from your mobile device. This is particularly attractive for Drop shipping business owners often do from different places, or even from a beach.

You will build a real business: You can build a long term business with an aspect that distinguishes you, experience and returning customers. And what is even more important, will be building a business with value. It is much easier to sell a business built on a separate website.


The points against sell in your own shop


LESS TRAFFIC FREE: Having your own site, you will be responsible for generating traffic through marketing, SEO and paid to advertise. You should invest more time and money and be willing to carry out a long-term campaign to promote your new store.


More complex: On eBay and Amazon do not have to think much, just fill the standard template and publish your products. With your own site, you will be responsible for the design, layout and structure of your store. And if you’re hosting your own store (instead of using a service including accommodation and Shopify), you will be answerable for the mechanical configuration of software and servers.


What sales strategy should you choose?


So what platform should I choose? There is much to consider, and different platforms are best suited for different people in different situations.


If you’re looking to try drop shipping business and explore it as a hobby, selling on eBay and Amazon can be a viable option if you can find products with a good margin that allows you to cover fees and still have profit. There are many people making money from sales on eBay and Amazon so do not discard.


But if you desire to construct a long term business, we recommend you start with your own e-commerce store. As explained above, this option offers the greatest flexibility, customization options, ability to connect with customers, the opportunity to build a real business value, and more. You should invest in marketing and promotions, especially in the early days, but we believe that this option offers the greatest long-term potential and is actually the only option for those who seriously consider online sales.


Moreover, there is nothing wrong with selling some items on eBay and Amazon while you’re starting to build your online store. In fact, many mature and established brands sell merchandise this way, particularly through Amazon.


11 Tips for Buying on eBay without risk


The network allows us to reach some products at competitive prices many times and sometimes difficult or impossible to find near where you live. Ebay is, surely, one of the largest showcases of photo products regarding number and variety where, with a little patience and perseverance, you can get find good items at an attractive price. We give you the keys to move around freely and get eBay products at a good price.


 Learn How to Buy or Bid on eBay


I guess by now you know, even for references, eBay, the leading Internet auction site. eBay is the most important site on the internet buying and selling volume of operations and users, where you can buy by auction and fixed price also.

To not much, I have divided this article into two parts. In the first (the one you are reading) I will give you the keys to understanding how eBay works and what are the steps to take before making a purchase maximize profit. In the second I will show you a case of buying on eBay with which I saved 40% on the original price.


How does eBay work?

One of the main problems facing purchases auction systems is impulse purchases.

In my case, I am no friend of auctions, because I recognize that I am a little nervous about closing price, and can end up paying well over the maximum price you noticed me at first, but gradually I’ve learned to I control my nerves and I have had occasional satisfaction.

However, I recognize that, as I am told some good friends, where I enjoy is in the buying process itself, so if you do not have time or simply do not find the grace to investigate the characteristics and alternatives to a particular product and seek good price, it may be preferable to go directly to the store and buy what you need without getting around.

Moreover, despite what many people believe, on eBay there are only second-hand goods auctioned. There are many stores that sell new products whose storefront is on eBay for the facilities gives the company to create online business from scratch.

So, if you do not mind experimenting, do not miss the advice we give you to move freely around eBay when searching for photographic material and otherwise, because most of the tips that we have application in any type of product and not limited exclusively to the world of photography.


For reference, I will say that in recent times I had acquired a new and original grip for my camera with two batteries for less than half of what it cost me in France (in Spain is not yet marketed when I bought it), and a new flash 40% cheaper final price in Spain, after passing through customs and pay taxes.


  1. Choose the product (vouchers for, or any other)


First of all, it is essential to decide what they want to buy. On eBay there are plenty of items of all kinds, and is quite a lot easy to get lost and end up buying something you do not want or do not need.

As an example, at the time I was looking at the possibility of buying a fixed-focus lens 50mm for my camera. Analyzing the market, discovered that there were models with different maximum apertures with automatic or manual focus only, In the end I pulled the chaff from the grain and came to the conclusion that what he wanted was a “Nikon 50mm f / 1.8 D”. There are f / 1.4 (three times more expensive), older models with manual focus.

You must limit your horizon and decide exactly which product you want to purchase. If for example I have stated you have seen that there are different options, imagine what will happen if you just know you want a “digital camera”.

To give you a reference, here are some articles that have been buying other photographic material. You probably give many ideas in expanding your team and see how to locate products and get a good price.


  1. Determine the price


Once we know what we really want, the next step is to know how much it costs. I mean market price, that is, what is paying for it. To do this, you simply have to use the advanced search option, asking the system to display the products whose auction has ended. To perform this type of search you must be registered eBay user.

With this you can make a study of the final selling price have reached, and see if you are willing to pay a similar amount for him. And I have said that we must have patience, but patience is not equivalent to expect miracles. There are many products on eBay, and many buyers. It is likely that almost always give someone willing to pay more than you for the article, which must discard starting to buy something below the average value that has sold similar items.


  1. Analyze the product status


If your selected product is new then no loss occurs. But if the product is used, that’s where we took a gamble. For products used, we have little assurance that the state is desired. In this regard, we have some things in mind.

If what you’re buying is a camera, items such as the time you have or the number of shots is important data. Depending on the use will have degraded components such as batteries or LCD, in addition to having suffered bumps and scratches.

Optical are also complicated. Any stroke, even in the subsequent transfer, can make an objective damage inside.

It is therefore important that the seller post photos of the product you sell. Do not hesitate to ask for more pictures if you are interested in the product.

In the case of buying objectives, it is good to see a good picture of the lens and connectors, to see if the glass is scratched. For cameras, look at the state of the LCD, if the target is a compact camera, and housing, to detect any shocks or scratches. Something that bodes well for the seller is that you have the original packaging. It says a lot about the care that puts on its material.

You should also make sure the product comes with all accessories (cables, chargers, connectors) and the original invoice.


  1. Watch your language


One of my best practices in buying is to do outside of Spain. The advantage of the Web is that if the buyer is willing, you can get your article from the ends of the world. Furthermore, surprisingly enough, usually it arrives before domestic shipments. I have made purchases in the United States in two days were in Spain, to spend then another 5 in the post office.

Not to buy shipments outside Spain take longer. We tend to think that if Spain takes to get a letter a week, if coming from abroad may take two months to arrive, and it is not. It will take one or two days, because the bottleneck is usually here.

Moreover, in Spain we believe that “we are smarter” and try to charge for second-hand products only if they were new. As a rule, I found sellers to European, American and Asian much more sensible in its pricing policy. But buying abroad is a possible risk: language. If there is anything I hate about eBay is the format with ads. In fact, in its early stages he detested this system for so uncomfortable aspect that has, until I became convinced that worked well despite everything. I have a nasty habit of making a cross-reading of the ads, so that sometimes do not see the first warnings about product defects, malfunctions, breakage, etc. There are people who sell damaged products, previously warning him, because they can serve some other piece. But if we are not careful, we can buy, a good price, yes, a broken camera.


The problem of not mastering the language is that you can overlook relevant information. So reads the information items calmly and uses automatic translators if necessary.


  1. Do not be afraid to ask


Whenever I’m minimally interested in an article, I clarify my doubts before bidding. Overall, eBay users typically answer questions fairly quickly.  Asked if sent to your country should not be clear. Never pujes for something if you are not sure that it meets the conditions you need.


  1. Choose PayPal as payment


Ebay allows different forms of payment, and not all are equally safe. In my case, I always use PayPal. PayPal is the most widely used payment system on the Internet worldwide. It is intermediate system between buyer and seller. Your PayPal account is associated with a bank account or a card, but these data only give them to PayPal, never the seller. PayPal pays the seller and charges a lot of money for the service; you pay any commission for it as a buyer. Thus your bank details have them only PayPal, and not every one of the vendors that buy them something.

In addition, PayPal has a claim system if there is any problem with the transaction covering the buyer reasonably well if you claim within 45 days after payment. I’ve had to use a couple of times for not having received the product and PayPal has always given me the money. One of the filters that apply to you when looking for items is the method of payment. If you cannot pay with PayPal, simply rule to that vendor.


  1. Check the user feedback


It is essential to evaluate the seller before buying anything. Ebay uses to do an opinion poll by the buyers and sellers are evaluated after each transaction. Check the seller has enough positive feedback received from buyers and analyzes your comments. There are vendors who, in an attempt to defraud, made many purchases of cheap items get a good percentage of votes, but votes from sellers, not buyers. Keep this in mind.

Search opinions of those vendors in alternative circles. If it comes to online stores, you probably have enough specialized users who have already tried to use their services in forums. Ask them.


  1. Check the shipping price


To calculate the product price you have to add shipping costs. There are some vendors who distribute their products very cheap, but you apply too high a price for shipping. This is done to make the product more attractive to start. There are vendors selling the same product at several different prices, adjusting the shipping price based on the price that put the product. In the end, what counts is the final price you have to pay. So to know the final price, total product price and shipping price. And if the shipping price does not appear, never buy without checking before the seller. Note that in many cases the shipping price is the same or almost similar to buying several items. If so, consider whether you need to buy several things from the same seller or if you can get according to some known to absorb the shipping costs.


  1. VAT and tariffs


It is not gold that glitters, and there’s something you should know. Products purchased abroad (outside the European Union), when they arrive in Spain spend (or should spend) by Customs. If they stop, they can make you pay VAT and tariffs. This means, in the case of products from the United States, an increase in the purchase price by approximately 23% in new electronic material. If you also have a bad day, you may be applying VAT and tariffs on the total price, including shipping costs, something that is totally unfair, but you probably compensate pay to not enter a tedious process claims.

Faced with Customs controls, there are theories of all kinds. Some say that all shipments made by courier always pass customs control while using conventional postal services in each country pass filter based on the value declared in the package by the seller. To try to avoid these rates I’ve seen who sets the contents of the package as a gift, sample, equipment used, or declares a value much lower than the real.

You have to know that all these tricks can work or not. In my case, I received packets that have not passed through customs and others that if they have done, having to pay VAT at the post office and tariffs. My recommendation is that when you calculate the final price, you consider the surcharge of VAT and tariffs and get in the worst case. If not then you have to pay, the better for you.


  1. The guarantee


Another negative thing is the loss of warranty on most products. Strictly not miss that, but can you have it in the country of purchase. If an item you bought in Hong Kong or the United States, is likely to have to send there to repair because the distributor of your country is not in charge of the product do not recognize your warranty is damaged.


  1. Bidding at the last moment: Snipers


Once you have determined the product, the seller, and the maximum price to be paid taking into account shipping costs and possible taxes, it’s time to bid. And here I have to recommend the use of a sniper. Snipers are tools that handle bid for you in the last moments unattended. There are products to install on your computer, which will force you to keep your computer on when the auction closes, and Web services that make it for you without you’re online.

There is nothing worse than the stress of being online bidding, as long as the auction does not end at odd or incompatible for the performance of other activities hours.

Ebay has a system that allows you to set a maximum price for your bid. The problem is that if fixed days before and someone does the same, can unnecessarily expensive product long before the end of the process About BPD.

With snipering products you can start your bid and your maximum price a few seconds before the end of the auction, generating a wow factor and additional pressure on other potential buyers who are entrusted to appear seconds before closing. There are free services of this type and payment. The payment can charge a fixed per auction, for a fixed time, or a percentage of the price.




Ebay shopping: The advantages of online shopping


Man holding tablet computer in cafe. Close up


Online purchases have monopolized much of the market product sales in the United States and Eurasia, especially enthrall young people. A recent study by the agency worldwide evidence that 45% of users between 18 and 35 spend at least one hour a day to visit online stores and sales-related sites.

Advantages of internet shopping


  1. Purchase safely


Use trusted web pages. In addition, you can also search the location of some company data such as name, address, home address and contact details.


  1. Get exclusive discounts in online stores


To promote sales through the network, many brands and stores offer discounts, such as exemption from VAT on final product prices.


  1. Internet offers a wider range of products


While in the face purchases only you can buy the products found in the store, shop online has a greater range of options and prices. Just know to look.


  1. You can compare products without leaving your home


On the Internet you can see all varieties and compare products and services to ensure you get the best at the best price.


  1. The delivery of online products is better


When buying online the seller guarantees that the product arrives at your home in good condition, as profitability is closely related to the reputation of users. The international study of DDB Worldwide shows a clear preference for young people in the online purchase of electronic devices (38%) and cosmetics and personal care (23%). Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing these products and more, take advantage of discounts offered by the store.


Advantages and disadvantages of buying on eBay



The portal is a site eBay to buy and sell over the Internet, ie online form. It’s like OLX, except that these two are used mostly in Latin America. Instead, eBay to be US-based is used in English-speaking countries. That is to say that from 2002 the company, also American, PayPal became part owners eBay. In fact, the site is primarily online auctions. A seller places his article that no longer wants more, and proposes an initial price to other buyers begin to dispute the price of the product up to buy it, and thus provide a means of payment and delivery between buyer and seller . It is one of the most important sites of sale worldwide. It is also a pioneer in these online services in comparison to other companies since it was founded in 1995.


Allows selling your items you no longer use most in your house, you’re obsolete. This is a clear advantage that allows you to get rid of objects that do not use. It is a place that completely globalizes the world, as one can bring an item from the other hemisphere of the planet earth. If you propose to auction something desirable and low starting bid, you do not need to advertise the same as it quickly positioned for many people to see.

It is quite easy to start selling products creating an account on eBay. No need to be an expert in computing.

It is usually safe to contact the other person to buy a product, having enough data from the other individual with whom we spoke.

This is the headquarters of eBay in the United States.

Some disadvantages:

Risks presented by the fact that the seller can bid your own auction propose the next price are higher than the previous. This is a clear disadvantage. Obviously this happens with the account of a friend or another that has the same user who sells, unfortunately.

It is obviously possible to report this type of aforementioned situations, but the eBay team is not big enough to study and detect each of the cases it happens because it is practically impossible.

If we buy a product to another individual abroad, bring it to our country can be very expensive because of customs duties, even for a cheap and small object that we buy.

EBay fees are usually quite high, and can be a key factor in selling a product, as the company may charge you a high rate for what we sell.

You cannot build a brand or a company from eBay. By having dynamic users, many flows through the Web, and not all they come back for more you give good service for the number of deals out there.



The best places to find deals on Internet

on 1

With offers on the Internet, saving money is now easier than ever. There are so many services offers and discounts that you can use to have more money in your pocket, we have written this guide specifically so you can find deals online that worthwhile. Whether you want to save money to buy clothes online or looking for food stamps to save at the supermarket, here we are the best places where you can find offers on the Internet. There are many websites where you can start finding online deals. In order to help you find the best deals and discounts on Internet, we have prepared a list of the best places to find savings and discounts on the Internet so you can save the most.


Offers Internet: Amazon


If you want to find online offers the best way, you should start visiting the Amazon store. Amazon is the largest for getting deals online store, and their prices are simply unbeatable. This online store offers discounts and offers that simply will not find in any store near your home. To learn how to save money and start buying and using this site you can visit our articles: How to find the best prices on Amazon and How to buy on Amazon.


Offers Internet: eBay


Another popular place to find deals online is eBay. This site has deals on popular products such as televisions, computers, phones, tablets, electronics, clothing and more. EBay is simply one of the best places to find deals online. If you want to receive discounts at restaurants, vacation, hotels, air flights and more, you must be using Groupon. This page has a lot of discounts available so you can save money and find deals online. By leveraging Groupon discounts you get a variety of discounts that will surprise you.

To learn how to take advantage of Groupon to the fullest, we recommend you read our article: What is Groupon as used? Or you can also watch our video: How to use Groupon.


Discounts on internet buy groupon deals


Macy’s is one of the most popular stores to find deals online. You can find clothes, shoes and accessories at this store at very low prices. You can also buy perfumes and beauty products at the best price and good quality. One of the advantages of leverage Internet offers Macy’s is that you can receive your order even if you live exterior the United States. By completing your purchase, you send your order to countries like Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Peru and much more.


Online Offers: JCPenney


One of the biggest stores to buy clothing in the United States is JCPenney. This shop used to save money because it offers great prices and rebates on all kinds of products online. Also, when buying at JCPenney you have the advantage of their happy returns: if you are not pleased with your purchase, you can come back at any of its stores and receive all the money you paid. We love to find bargains on page Sears because they have a place completely in Spanish. Sears site is a great way to shop online because they offer free shipping on almost all products. If after receiving the products you bought at Sears’s site in Spanish you’re not satisfied, you can take it to any Sears store to receive a refund for the amount paid.


Here you can find more ways to find deals on Internet. Now that you have the best places to find deals online, it’s time to show the advanced methods to save money and find great discounts and online deals. So we pay close attention because we will show you how the professionals leave more money in your pocket and less in the pocket of stores.


Offers Internet: eBay


Many people do not know this, but you can find many deals and coupons on the Internet site eBay. We’re not talking about buying cheaper than the store price (though eBay is also a great place for that), but in this case we refer to buy discount coupons on eBay. There are many people selling coupons in the store can use to save money and find deals on products you love. To help you find deals on eBay, you can explore this list of discount coupons you can find on this site so you can start finding deals online. For starters, you can see the list of coupons currently available on eBay using the box below and so you will not miss any offer.


Internet deals: Coupons Online


CouponAlert is a toolbar that allows you to get all kinds of coupons online. By using the tools CouponAlert bar, let you know how many coupons you have pending to use in your favorite stores and websites. With this browser toolbar you can start to make money. To start, you must download and install the free bar on your computer and it automatically searches for coupons.


Online Offers: SavingStar


SavingStar has many options to find deals and discounts online. This site has one of the largest networks of clients and is affiliated with many services that allow you to save on your food shopping in supermarkets and virtually all purchases at the pharmacy and other shops. To start saving money Saving Star you just have to register for free and request the free coupons from the nearest shops to you. If you have questions or concerns about how to find deals on Internet or online can save money by finding deals or deals if you are looking for a specific product, leave us a comment to help. if you have other sites to find also, offers on the Internet that you do not see on our list, leave a comment and we will work to add it to our list.


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